Our Partner / Astrodyne

Astrodyne TDI designs and manufactures Power Supplies and EMI Filters for a variety of markets, including Aerospace, Industrial, Medical, Military and Semiconductor Manufacturing. To meet the demands of such a wide range of Power Supply and EMI Filter applications, we have extremely flexible manufacturing capabilities combined with a Quality Management system audited for Class III Medical Device support and AS9100.


Products we deal with:

  • AC/DC Power Supplies
  • AC/DC Adapters
  • DC/DC Converters
  • Hi Reliability Power Converters
  • LED Drivers
  • Linear Transformers
  • Medical Power Supplies
  • COTS Power Supplies
  • Ultra Low Leakage Power Supplies
  • Medical Isolation Transformers
  • Standard EMI/EMC/RFI Filters
  • Custom EMI/EMC/RFI Filters

Applications: Industrial Controls, Military & Aerospace, Medical, LED Lightings.

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