Power Supplies

Arch Electronics Corp.

AC-DC Power Module (3 – 100W), Open Frame: (60 – 600W), U-Bracket (60 – 480W), Enclosed Type (60 – 480W), Medical Power Module (15 – 40W), LED PSU (16 – 240W), DC-DC (1.5 – 40W).

Application: Industrial, Telecom, Medical & LED Lighting Solutions.


DC Power Systems, Rectifiers & Converters, Controllers & Battery Monitors Power Distribution Panels, Power Supplies and Utility Chargers

Application: Telecom Wireless, Cable, Utilities, Government, Medical Industries EV DC Charging Stations.


Open Frame: AC-DC (50 – 450W); Medical Grade AC-DC (50 – 450W); Enclosed AC-DC (5 – 1000W); DIN Rail Mount AC-DC (20 – 50W); DC-DC (0.75 – 500W); LED PSU (20 – 240W); Power Adapter (10 – 130W); COTS (75 – 1000W); DC/AC Inverters (200 – 1500W)

Application: Industrial Controls, Military/Aerospace, Medical & LED Lightings.

SM Power

SM Power

Specialized in Custom Design Power supplies up to 2500W. AC/DC Battery Handy Charger; Switched AC/DC Converter for Pico Base and Robot Use; Adapters.

Application: Electric Vehicle Charging, Military, Medical equipment, Telecom Pico base station; Industrial Robot use, General purpose.


Inside Power Plants – DC Power Solutions, DC to AC Inverters, Alpha Enclosure/Gen Generators, Fiber Power Supplies/Enclosure/Management, Network Access like WiFi, IoT, Security & Surveillance.

Applications: Inside DC Power Solutions, Broadband/Cable, Telecom, Energy, Wireless, Utilities and IT Infrastructure.

YHT Power/Hesion

AC/DC YA3~100W and YB5- 20W Series, DC/DC 1×1″, 1×2 and 2×2″ series from 1W to 40W max (1:2 input), DC/DC of SIP and SMT Series, DC/DC of NTB and NPB Series, DC/DC of YFD Series 300~400W etc.

Applications: Industrial Controls, Military & Aerospace, Medical, Railways.

Eagle Eye

Products we deal with: Power technology solutions, Stationary & motive Power Division, Battery Monitoring Solutions, Load Testing Solutions, Portable testing Solutions.

Applications: Data centre, Industrial, utilities, government, military, telecom, motive power.


Products we deal with: AC-DC Power Supplies, DC-DC Converters, Medical Solution, Railway Solution, Surge Suppression Module
Applications: Medical, Industrial, Railways


Products we deal with: ITE & SMPS (1-1000W), Level V AC-DC Adapter (5W-150W), Medical Grade Power Supplies & Adapter (5-250W), Constant Current Power Adapter (5-60W), Linear Adapter (0-30W), DC-DC Power Adapter (0-20W)
Applications: Communication, General(IT), Industrial, Medical.

Adapter Technology

Products we deal with: Medical Grade Power Adapter(30-65W), LED Power Supply(65W/100W/120W), Open Frame(24W/50W/65W/120W), AC-DC Adapter, Wall Mount & Desktop Adapter(5W-200W)/(5v-56v), Custom Design Available

Top Power

Some Products: DC-DC CONVERTER (0.1-3W Series, 5-10W Series, Above 10W Series, Non isolated, Photo voltaic). AC-DC CONVERTER (3W-30W) and AC-DC SWITCHING POWER SUPPLY (Enclosed type, Open frame type and DIN rail type)


Products we deal with: AC-DC SWITCHING POWER SUPPLIES, DC-DC SWITCHING POWER SUPPLIES and EMI FILTERS. Applications: Medial, Alternative energy, Factory Automation, test & measurement, railway, Network & Communication.


Isolated DC-DC Converters-Industrial, Telecom DC-DC Converters (9-75VDC Input), Railway DC-DC Converters (34-160VDC Input), High input voltage DC-DC Converters (180-600VDC Input), VPX Power supplies (18-36VDC Input 3U,6U Package), DC-DC Battery Chargers (65-800VDC Input), Non isolated DC-DC Converters-Point of load Converters, Low power non isolated DC-DC Converters, EMI Filters, Heat sinks, Custom power supplies and Accessories


Power products: CRPS Redundant, 1U Redundant, 2U Redundant Mini Redundant, N+1 Redundant 1U Single, 2U Single, PS2.

Switches: Water proof, Basic micro, rotatory, push, low torque, slide, rocker, hook, tact, detect, encoder

Applications: Industrial, consumer electronics, IT peripherals, communication products, automobiles

PolyTron Devices

Products we deal with: DC-DC Converters (0.5W-200W), Switching power modules, Linear encapsulated power modules (100vac-250vdc)
Applications: Rail transit, Telecom Industry, Industrial, Medical, Power grid, Dynamic energy.



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