Our Partner / JMC

JMC Products, a USA company, is a leading manufacturer of thermal solutions with facilities around the world. We focus on developing cooling products to increase the performance, reliability, and flexibility of your networking, storage, and server systems.

JMC’s thermal product line features DC fans and Blowers, including fans used to cool all AMD and Intel processors. Our complete line includes PWM control as well as many fixed vane varieties.


Products we deal with:
DC Fans: Ranging in size from 25mm to 120mm.

PWM Fans: It performs at low noise levels by eliminating the power switching noise of the fan. The speed of the fan is controlled by an external PWM signal.

Blowers: Airflow ranging between 19-27 CFM.

Fixed Vane Fans: It straightens airflow, boost air flow and performance and pressure performance. Ranging in size from 36mm to 120mm.

Counter Rotating 1U Fans: Available in 12V, 40mm size from 5000 to 20000 RPM.

Custom Solutions: As per customer demand.

Application: Networking, storage and server systems, CPU coolers for Intel Pentium processors, Thermal Cooling industry, Electronic enclosures.

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