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Brightpcb is the CQC, TS16949/ISO14000 and UL certified PCBs manufacturer whom was established in 2003 located in Shajing Shenzhen city, near the Shenzhen airport, is specializes in manufacturing of Multi- layer printed circuit boards.Our 35,000 square meters production area contains 400 staff members.

The products include single-, double-sided, multilayer, high frequency,carbon ink coating,copper-, or aluminum-based PCBs in Shenzhen Factory. Most of our products used in the area of automotive electronics, power supplies, LED lighting, computer periphery and security system. Based on our experience we do we can meet all your special requirement such as HASL, Immersion Gold/Silver/Tin, OSP, Gold finger plating or carbon ink coating. We have our own automatic ENIG production lines which the monthly production capability is 350,000/sq M and can meet your thickness gold board and special requirement. Our ENIG produce and quality are the leader in the PCB industry.

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Products we deal with:

  • Intelligent PCB
  • Communication PCB
  • Computer PCB

Applications: Industrial control equipments, consumer electronics, medical devices.

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