Our Partner / NetPower

Millions of NetPower DC-DC and AC-DC converters have been used worldwide, mostly in systems of global renowned brands, and demonstrated superior reliability. The extensive expertise and thorough quality control yielded leading performance and high reliability products. The team dedication to success fostered unparalleled customer support. NetPower – the right partner of power solutions.

Some Products:

  • Isolated DC-DC Converters-Industrial
  • Telecom DC-DC Converters (9-75VDC Input)
  • Railway DC-DC Converters (34-160VDC Input)
  • High input voltage DC-DC Converters (180-600VDC Input)
  • VPX Power supplies (18-36VDC Input 3U,6U Package)
  • DC-DC Battery Chargers (65-800VDC Input)
  • Non isolated DC-DC Converters-Point of load Converters
  • Low power non isolated DC-DC Converters
  • EMI Filters
  • Heat sinks, Custom power supplies and Accessories


Applications: Industrial, Telecom,Railway, Hi-Reliability, Automotive, Networking.

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