Our Partner / ShengYe Corporation

Sheng Ye Electrical Co., Ltd (Sheng Ye) is a national high-tech enterprise was founded in 1996, one of the national standard drafting units for capacitor, and a member of the Reactive Power Compensation Committee.

As an international enterprise with more than 20 years of experience in electric technology industry, Sheng Ye fully understands the importance of product safety and stability; we’ve prioritize our client’s interests and safety in the forefront of our mission. For this reason, Sheng Ye align our mission on providing the safest, most reliable products, and service. At Sheng Ye, we’re committed to “sustain the human dream and create a peaceful lifestyle”.


Products we deal with:

  • Motar Capacitor
  • Power Electronic Capacitor
  • PFC Components & Devices

Application: USB Quick Chargers, LED Lighting Devices, EV Electronics, Smart Power Meters, Frequency Converters, UPS Power Supply, Car Charging Pile, Electric Welding Machine, Hand-held Electric Tools.

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