Viking Tech

Our Partner / Viking Tech

Viking is a Manufacturer of Thin film precision, Thick film, Current sensing, Multi-function resistors, MLCC Capacitors, RF and Power inductors with leading edge technology and competitive costs.


Products we deal with:

1. Resistors

  • Automotive Grade Resistor
  • Thin Film Resistor
  • MELF Resistor
  • Current Sensing Resistor
  • Metal Low Ohm Resistor
  • Thick Film Resistor
  • Functional Thick Film Resistor
  • Leaded Resistor
  • Wire Wound Resistor
  • Power Resistor


2. Capacitors

  • SMD Multilayer Chip Capacitor (MC Series)
  • SMD Multilayer Chip Capacitor (MCF Series)
  • Aluminium Solid Electrolytic Capacitors


3. Inductors

  • RF Ceramic Inductor
  • Ferrite Chip Inductor
  • Miniature Power Inductor
  • SMD Metal Alloy Power Inductor
  • Shielding Power Inductor
  • Non Shielding Power Inductor
  • Wire Wound Power Inductor
  • DIP Power Inductor
  • EMI Bead (CBM Series)
  • Common Mode Filter (CM Series)


Application: Automotive, Motherboard, Industrial equipment, Automatic equipment controller, Medical equipment, Telecom Device, Testing/Measurement equipment, Converter, Cell phone, Military, Space, Adapter, Oscillator, Digital Multimeter, Amplifiers, Disc Driver, Charger, Battery Pack, Voltage Regulation, UPS. Pager, Wireless LAN, GPS, VCO, TCXO Circuit, RF transceiver module, Bluetooth module, High Frequency Communication Applications, Micro Televisions, Liquid Crystal Televisions, Video Cameras, Portable VCRs, Car, Radios, Car Stereos, Thin Tape Radios, Television Tuners, Mobile Telephones, Radio and Other Electronic Devices, Computers and Computer Peripherals, Digital Cameras, Digital Televisions. Miniaturization module and Hybrid Circuits, Smart card, RFI.

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