Our Partner / YuBillion International

YuBillion International Co., Ltd (YBI) was established in August 2012. Our company specializes in designing and developing touch screen display products and customized LCD panels. Providing our customers with the best touch screen display solutions and product combinations are our optimal business goals.

Our dedicated team of management, marketing, and product development specialists in YBI collaborate together in developing touch panel technology, LCD application, project integration, as well as software and hardware design to meet our customers’needs. With our five year experience in touch panel industry, we have committed ourselves to provide uality products, cutting edge technology, and utmost customer support services.

Website: yubillion.com/en/

Products we deal with:

  • Touch panel
  • LCD Display
  • Cover Lens

Applications: Control panels, Kiosks, Mobile computers, Aircraft cockpit displays, Digital cameras, Lab instruments, Data storage media.

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